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Canna – Boost Accelerator

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CANNABOOST Accelerator has already taken the Dutch home grow market by storm and is now revolutionising the Australian booster industry. CANNABOOST Accelerator is Holland’s best selling natural flowering booster that radically accelerates the blooming response, improves quality and significantly boosts flower yield in rapidly growing annual plants.

* THICKER, HARDER FLOWERS FASTER-Plants flowered with CANNA BOOST increase their rate of photosynthesis almost immediately and start quickly forming numerous, tight and heavy clusters of flowers that continue for many weeks. Nothing comes close to CANNA BOOST. The unique combination of non-toxic natural elements, not found in any other bloom booster, help your plants finish the flowering cycle up to a week and a half earlier – that’s 20% faster – without the usual loss in weight.

* NOT JUST HIGHER YIELDS Something very special about CANNA BOOST is that it does not just guarantee higher yields but also a better taste. Something extra for the CANNA grower!

Available In 250Ml,  1Ltr,  5ltr