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Re ignite the Flowering Process with Real Frooting Power and Experience Eye popping extra Flower growth!

Used in the final stages of the flowering cycle, Frooting Power has gained a reputation worldwide as the finest flowering stimulator on the market.

Frooting Power ensures a better end result without compromising the quality of your fruits.

Frooting Power has increased many crops by up to 30%. When the plants have all the optimum environmental conditions , this product will amaze even the most experienced the grower as it forms another set of flowers over the existing flowers, forming Healthy Thick Sticky buds like you have never witnessed before.

It produces visible results quickly and is simple to use.

Use over last 3 weeks of an 8 week flower program

Use Base Nutrients at HALF STRENGTH so 1.2 EC or 840 Ppm, , PH To 5.5-5.8 , then add The Frooting power last , no adjustments are needed after adding as the Frooting power contains special elements that self adjust the PH to perfect levels for the Nutrient Profile.

130gms to a 200ltr barrel on week 5

260gms to a 200ltr barrel on week 6

260gms to a 200ltr barrel on week 7

Over the Years we have experimented extensively with the Flower re triggering methods that Frooting Power has allowed ,

Some Growers Like to take off the Top Flowers towards end of week 7 and then go back to the week 5 strength and lower the lights a few inches each day , the lower flowers start flowering again ,and fattening up , to us its like Fractals and Time , the flowers dont count weeks like we do! as long as the Frooting Power is running and the Lights are near they keep on flowering!