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OMEGAZYME contains the very best that nature has to offer. OMEGAZYME is the perfect fertiliser supplement. It has everything in one bottle including natural cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, organically chelated trace elements and buffers. OMEGAZYME is derived from carefully prepared natural sea kelp.

When used on your plants the natural ingredients in OMEGAZYME keep your plants healthier for longer. The beauty of OMEGAZYME is that it offers so much more to both soil and hydroponic growers. It also can be used for striking cutting or as a seed soak for improved vigour.

Farmers have long known kelp to be a natural source of nutrition and essentially a tonic for soil grown crops. OMEGAZYMEs natural auxins help stimulate prolific larger healthier root biomass when applied to almost any plant. This ultimately aids in the natural transport processes occurring within the plant rhizosphere. The improved root system also improves resistance to stress such as drought, over watering, nutrient deficiency and soil diseases.

Cytokinins, a natural stimulant, are produced in the roots. Adding OMEGAZYME increases the level of cytokinins and enhances nutrient and moisture uptake. The higher level of cytokinin provided to the plant increases vegetative growth, plus helps to increase yield and overall plant quality.


OMEGAZYME is prepared using a cold press method, which does not damage the natural organic compounds. The resulting extract is an almost colourless clean green solution; the way nature meant it to be. Other seaweed products are typically prepared by cooking the kelp producing a thick brown slop or dry powder which smells bad. You can imagine what damage all that heat does. The heat from these processes actually destroys a significant portion of the cytoplasm and growth regulators. Since OMEGAZYME is not heated in its processing the delicate biostimulant compounds along with the nutrient content are preserved intact and in the ratios in which they occur naturally. OMEGAZYME is non toxic and non hazardous.