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Stops Upward height growth by blocking the action of Gibberellic Acid.

Aids to create a more uniform canopy height and thickness resulting in even light penetration.

The slowing of the top growth gives rise to an increase in lateral branching to fill the spaces allowing the plant to maximise its flowering sites.

Use with NF Regulator Part B to maximise your flower formation, improve fruit setting and increase harvest weight.

Use only 1ml per litre

Aids the development cycle, leading to increased flowering and harvest weight.

Aids high density and uniform flower formation, and improves fruit setting to deliver a quality outcome.

Aids in shortening the harvest cycle by focusing the plant on flowering.

Prevents premature fruit drop.

Increase the ability to resist collapse, drought, cold and alkaline media conditions.

Use with NF Regulator Part A to maximise your plants flowering sites.

Use only 1ml per litre.