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Reverse Osmosis Double Membrane Filter System 200-400ltr/Day


$450.00 AUD $400.00 AUD

or 4 payments of $100.00 AUD with Afterpay

Firstly think about the biggest ingredient in growing – Water , The quality of which is Directly Proportional to Yield !!!!

Reverse Osmosis (RO), not to be confused with standard filtration methods,


Allows the separation of dissolved salts and most other impurities from water by means of membrane filtration. Reverse Osmosis removes up to 99% of all dissolved contaminants within the water source. The result is fresh super clean water free of salts, and the vast majority of possible pathogens eliminated.

Starting off using RO water will reduce grower problems dramatically!

While the initial investment may seem high, it is soon justified by the reliability and continual high quality output of fresh, clean water.

Does 200- 400L per day as the more water pressure you have the more RO you can make .