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  • Improves plant health
  • Strengthens leaves and stems
  • Helps against transplant shock
    Nitrogen, Potash, Trace elements and Fulvic Acid

Nitro-K uses organic based Nitrogen (N), Potrassium (K) and chelated Trace elements designed to accelerate roots and boost leaf and stem health during the vegetative stage and into early flowering. After renewing the working solution, during the first few days plants absorb, N, K and trace elements at a rapid rate. As levels fall, the growth rate begins to slow down. Using Nitro-K regularly gives your plants a continued supply of valuable Nitrogen, Potassium and trace elements when they are most needed.

When to use:
Use Nitro-K during the vegetative cycle. Nitro-K is suitable for all “run to waste” and “re-circulating” systmes. Regularly flush your system to prevent nutrient and plant waste build up.