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Globe 400V- PHILIPS 1000W DE – (Suits Gavita and Epapillon 1000w /400V)


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Repacement Double Ended 400v Lamp for Gavita or Epapillon 1000w/400v


To fuel the desire for still higher light levels, Philips launched the first 1000W plant growth lamp in 2005, in the form of this GreenPower TD. The double ended construction was chosen so as to maximise optical efficiency in the luminaire, because unlike for single ended lamps there is no frame support wire running alongside the arc tube, which may cast a shadow in the beam. The position of the arc tube with respect to the pinch-seals is also tightly controlled, which permits optimal positioning within the luminaire’s optics. In common with most other double ended HPS lamps, the outer jacket is gas-filled rather than vacuum. This permits a reduction of arc tube length for a given wattage, further improving the degree of optical control. The high thermal conductivity of the gas filling does however make the lamp extremely sensitive to its environment in the luminaire, especially the reflector design

2100 umol/s

(these are in limited supply worldwide)