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The New Mi-Nature LED Tent Kit on special

$700.00 AUD

or 4 payments of $175.00 AUD with Afterpay

An Awesome setup for  Young and Mother Plants and Younglings and for Cloning also

We have put this 100 “True Watt” 301b Samsung quantum LED up against 250watts of MH and it was better growth!

The best thing is we can Now run Clones under a light that is safe and powerful!

Meaning No swapping out a 130w CFL for say 400w DIGI HID MH to “harden off” plants to prepare for the main room lights

So this is a Major Upgrade over the older version

This is the LED Version with a new V2 Quantum Board 100 True Watt Light with 3 year warranty


    Product Price Qty
    SeaHawk 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 $170 1
    LED quantum 100w $370 1
    Time-R Digital Timer $50 1
    Airjet 150mm $100 1
    18 Litre Air Pruning Pot $30 1
    400mm Saucer $5 1
    40 Litre Canna Coco Brick $25 1
    1 Litre BAC COCO set $30 1
    + FREE 1ltr RYZO $60 1