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Grow Tent – The Executive Producer

From: $3,200.00 AUD


The Executive Producer is a Growing Legend! Newly updated with multiple lighting options, a state of the art tent and a nutrient pack filled with incredible BAC nutrients and additives worth over $350!

Includes a state of the art 2 x 2 x 2.3 (high) tent from JUNGLE ROOM with 19mm poles, access from all sides and all the ventilation holes you could wish for. This tent is a big favorite for 4 pot systems!

Utilizing a simple and proven “Tech” that we all developed over the years of using the filtered air to drive the Multi Cool Tube Array, meaning less fans running and less cooling costs but more importantly lower sound and even higher efficiency.

Choice of lighting covers all the most popular and Latest Lighting tech that actually gets the yields!

Either of these proven “Cool Tube” lighting systems that have been so successful here and around the world, coupled with the finest filtration and high performance turbofan jet engine inspired CAN MAX -FAN Professional Series equipment, also Including an All Metal CAN 500mm Silencer For Extra Piece of mind!

(Please Contact Us if you wish to change anything from Tent Size to Light Arrangement, we are happy to mix and match anything in the kits to suit your growing needs!)

    Product Price Qty
    Jungle Room 2 x 2 x 2.3 $400 1
    [Cultiv8 Magnetic 600W] OR [Digi Lumen 600W] OR [Lumatek 600W/400V] $100/$220/$280 4
    Phillips Sont 600w hps /240v OR [Phillips Greenpower 600W/400V Lamp] $50/$70/$100 4
    400mm Cool Tube $100 4
    Time-R Timer (Two for lights. One for feed) $50 3
    Double Socket Extension Lead $10 2
    Rope Ratchet (34kg) $20 2
    Jack Chain $2.50 2m
    CAN Max Fan Pro 200mm $350 1
    CAN Lite Max 1500 (Carbon Filter) $350 1
    CAN Silencer 300 (With two 200mm flanges) $140 1
    Y Split (200 x 150 x 150) $20 2
    Heat Proof Foil Duct 150mm (5m) $35 1
    Heat Proof Foil Duct 200mm (5m) $40 1
    Acoustic Duct 200mm (3m) $40 1
    Duct Clamps 150mm $4.50 8
    Duct Clamps 200mm $5.50 3
    Air Pruning Pots 50L $30 4
    Pot Saucer (450mm) $20 4
    Foam Pot Bases $9 4
    Feed Rings $5 4
    200L Nutrient Reservoir $60 1
    Bleeder (To stop siphoning in barrel) $7.50 1
    Canna Coco Professional Cube 40L $25 5
    Thermosafe Water Heater 200W $35 1
    HQB 3500 Water Pump (for feed) $90 1
    HJ 1142 (for mixing) $35 1
    Poly Hose 13mm (4m) $15 1
    Poly Hose 19mm (10m) $20 1
    19mm T’s $1 5
    19mm Grommet $1 4
    19mm Elbow $1 4
    19-13 Reducing T’s $1 4
    13mm Taps $3 4
    13mm Elbow $1 4
    PH Up 250ml $10 1
    PH Down 1L $25 1
    PH Meter w/replaceable probe $100 1
    BlueLab Truncheon $150 1
    Thermometer/Hygrometer (for room temp/humidity) $25 1
    Aqua One thermometer (for water temp) $25 1

    BAC Coco A&B is a 2-part nutrient designed for indoor growing. It’s a strongly concentrated, composite base nutrient for both the growth and flowering period.

    BAC DAILY 50ml

    BAC Daily is a vegan, organic additive that encourages the multiplication of beneficial micro-organisms in your medium, improving the absorption and transport of nutrients throughout the plant.

    BAC FLUSH 50ml

    BAC Flush is a vegan, organic additive that maintains a clean substrate and root zone free of waste salts and mineral buildup. BAC Flush provides rapid fermentation and conversion of all waste salts around the root hairs by stimulating specific groups of micro-organisms that produce high quality and quickly absorbable enzymes.

    BAC ROOTS 10ml

    BAC Roots is a powerful stimulator that contains potent bacteria which protects roots and rapidly accelerates their growth. It is so concentrated that BAC only recommends a hand feed once a week for the first three weeks of grow.

    BAC NITROGEN 100ml

    BAC Nitrogen is the optional third component to be used in conjunction with the 2-part Coco A&B nutrient. BAC Nitrogen contains specially selected nitrogen (N) additives, and is sometimes referred to as the ‘missing link’ or ‘part-c’.


    BAC F1 Extreme Booster is a highly concentrated flowering additive, enriched with the highest quality trace elements, and various sugar molasses. It promotes an exuberant curing of your crop, and increases the intensity of flavour and aroma.


    BAC Frooting Power is a new and improved formulation of House & Garden’s cult product, Shooting Powder. More powerful, convenient and cost effective than its predecessor, Frooting Power is brought to you direct from the Dutch inventor, 100% made in Holland.

    RYZO 250ml

    Ryzo is Specifically designed to promote rapid root and shoot establishment in newly planted crops. This product can be used as a very effective rescue remedy during times of stress (heat, wind, cold, under/over watering, transplant stresses etc) or generally unhealthy, sick, or slow growing plants. Ryzo is ideal for re-potting and transplanting new or old plants.


    BAC Amino Complex contains high concentrations of free Amino Acids, fulvic and plant extracts.
    Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein which are are intimately involved in plant structure, enzymes and nutrient transfer. Proteins are produced by the plant from Nitrogen and this process takes a lot of energy from the plant. It is much more efficient for the Amino Acids to be delivered to the plant rather than having the plant produce the Amino Acids themselves.

    BAC Amino Complex is an amazing rescue remedy. It will help to reduce signs of stress associated with high or low temperature damage, high or low humidity and pest infestations.

    BAC Amino Complex helps to increase chlorophyll concentrations in plants leading to a higher degree of photosynthesis (plants will up take more light) in turn it will make plants far more green and promote faster growth.




    Fungarid is a systemic fungicide used for protection against dampening off of roots, Pythium Phytophora, Rhioctonia and Thielaviopsis. pour 1 gram to 1 litre with room temp water over the root zone for 4- 6 weeks of protection, use adequate ventilation, avoid breathing in dust.


    Kryptomite is a systemic insecticide that when applied gives your plant 4 weeks of protection from spider mites – as always we say prevention is better than cure!


    Gnatural is a biocide (organic biological larvae killer) based on highly tuned beneficial fungi and bacteria strains. When the larvae feeds on Gnatural it creates a chain reaction of expanding fungus inside the stomach, effectively killing them.

    This nutrient pack contains over $350 worth of products at usual discounted prices!


    We are and have always been Sponsored By Absolutely No-One and are Independent and only relate and speak  about what actually is working for Growers , We have always Known that there has never been One company that has it all , so we have gathered a handy collection of Proven products

    That are what is needed for plant protection and The Finest Health In Grow and Flower that we have Ever Experienced.