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The Executive Producer

From: $3,200.00 AUD


This is A  Growing Legend , Newly updated with multiple lighting options including the new 2 x 2 x 2.3 mtr High Version of the Jungle Room

Includes A Perfect 2mtr x 2mtr x 2.3mtr (high) Tent from JUNGLE ROOM- 19mm poles state of the art design a big favorite for 4 pots!

Utilising A Simple and Proven “Tech” that we all developed over the years of using the Filtered Air to Drive the Multi Cool Tube Array , meaning less fans running Meaning less cooling costs but more importantly Sound  and even higher efficiency ,

An Exclusive World class New CAN Filter just arrived from Holland specially made for the MAX PRO 200MM – 2 Speed (1220 Cubic Metre/Hr)
CAN MAX 1500 (0.75mtr Carbon Filter)

Choice of Lighting covers all the most popular and Latest Lighting tech that actually gets the Yields!!

And reads like the history of proven Growing Lighting Systems – We can offer other lighting systems from our Specialist Lighting Area like HIPAR 315w CMH sunstorm and the new HIPAR 630W CMH – DE Lighting systems just email us or call and we can quote No Worries

Either of these  Proven “Cool Tube” Lighting Systems that have been So Successful here and around the World Coupled With The Finest Filtration And High Performance Turbofan Jet Engine Inspired CAN MAX -FAN Professional Series Equipment ,Also Including an All Metal CAN 500mm Silencer For Extra Piece of mind!,

4 x 600W Cultiv8 Magnetic Ballasts With Sunmaster HPS 600W Lamps , OR

4 x 600W Cultiv8 Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballasts With Sunmaster HPS 600W Lamps , OR

4 x 600 W Lumatek Professional /400V With The Ultimate- Phillips Greenpower Electronic Super HPS 600W/400V

8 X 150mm Hose Clamps x4 (for Cool tube duct)
1 X Duct 200mm Acoustic 3mtr (from fan/Silencer to y1 -to tubes)
1 X Duct 150mm High Temp Foil 5mtr (between tubes)
1 X Duct 200mm High Temp Foil 5mtr (from y1 out)

2 x Y1 Splitter ( to combine Air in/out) x2
2 x Time-R  240V Digital Timer For  lights

1 x Time-R  240V Digital Timer For Feed System
1 x 200LTR Nutrient Res Food Grade Poly
1 x HQB 3500 PUMP
1 x New Aqua One Hyper Quiet Stella Twin Air Pump
2 x Air Stones Round
4mtr of 4mm Poly Air Hose
8 x 50 Ltr Pots  (4 inner/4 outer)

4x 50Ltr Foam Pot Bases 380mm x 120mm
4 x Canna Coco Professional 40ltr cubes x 2 (200ltrs total)

1 x Canna Clay Balls 45ltr

4x Feed Rings -standard  6mm to suit Pot 50Ltr
4x 13mm Taps (Feed Rings Flow Control)
1 x Aqua One – Thermosafe Water Heater 300W
1 X PH Meter Waterproof w/rep probe option
1 x EC – Bluelab Truncheon (World Finest Design -NZ – 5yr Warranty)
1 x Ph Down 1ltr
1 x Ph Up 250ml
1 x Thermo/Hygrometer -Special Tent Version with External Humidity/Temp Probe
1 x Poly Pipe 13mm x 10mtr
2 x Poly Pipe 19mm x 10mtr
4 x 19mm Grommet (for pot)
4 x 19mm Elbows (Neat take off for pot grommets)
4 x 19-13 “Reducing T”
5 x 19mm “T”s
4 x 13mm Elbows (for edge of pots hose)

Now with the Glandore Exclusive Nutrient and plant health pack for Free

We are and have always been Sponsored By Absolutely No-One and are Independent and only relate and speak  about what actually is working for Growers , We have always Known that there has never been One company that has it all , so we have gathered a handy collection of Proven products

That are what is needed for plant protection and The Finest Health In Grow and Flower that we have Ever Experienced ,

1 x Set of BAC COCO A/B 1lTR Nutrient –   Quality Dutch liquid mineral ingredients and is same for grow and flower

1 x 100ml BAC Nitrogen  , 0.5mls /Ltr  extra nitrogen and organic boosters for Growth!

50ml of BAC Flush – The ultimate waste digester – plant mega booster just add last part of flush at 0.6mls/Ltr

10mls of BAC Roots The New Powerful Large root booster from the original creators/inventors of H&G Roots Excel

50mls BAC  Daily– The latest power stimulator from Bac Holland Creates its own living Enzymes Fresh every feed!

1 x 250ml RYZO The Finest Root and all round Plant Tonic we have ever used!

1 x ORGANIC AMINO 250ml – Totally Plant based  the finest Amino we have ever used , plants love it!

1 x 1ltr BAC F1 EXTREME BOOSTER – World class Fusion Super Potash Souped up with Juice producing organics that make Flowers  drip with honey and Terpene aroma’s

130g FROOTING POWER – ultimate Re shooting product to push renewed flowering – like a whole new layer of flower on top of whats grown , amazing weight gains

1 x FUNGARID -15g , Systemic Fungicide – a life saver for growers , pre treat preventatively  for 4-6 weeks protection from root rots and fungal diseases

1 x KRYPTOMITE -15g – Systemic Miticide – Spray and get 4 weeks protection from spider mites – as always we say prevention is way better than dealing with sick plants ,

1 x GNATRAL – A Biocide (organic biological larvae killer) based on highly tuned Beneficial Fungi and  Bacteria Strains

Over $350 worth of Products at usual discounted prices ,   FREE WITH TENT PACKS OVER $1000