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easy as organics living soil 25ltr bag


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Organic Living Soil,> the Growing Industry is Evolving and as Many big corporate Interests are buying up established chem nutrient companies the growers in Us and canada are adapting well away from their reach and have Re turned to Ancient Knowledge for growing the Finest Medecine In the World.

For all potted and raised bed plants. Easily grow the highest quality, nutrient dense and vibrant crops. Unlock genetic potential of your favourite varieties for amazing plant phytochemical production. Produce excellent yields without any chemical fertilisers. Very high nutrient exchange and water holding capacity with optimal air porosity. Mineral balanced, guided by professional lab analysis.

  • Made with Canadian sphagnum peat moss,
  • worm castings,
  • scoria,
  • compost,
  • biochar,
  • paramagnetic basalt rock dust,
  • malted barley,
  • soft ag lime,
  • natural gypsum,
  • kelp meal,
  • neem seed meal,
  • soft rock phosphate,
  • fish meal

Even though all Living soil peeps say water only in our experience theres a great advantage running Bac Organics as feed and all Bac additives are Organic Vegan certified  especially the Bac Daily ,

Bac Pro Active as Foliar is unbeatable as a high performance fully Vegan Organic Spray ,