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CULTIV8 600W HPS Digital Dimmable Ballast & 600W HPS Digi Globe Combo


$300.00 AUD $220.00 AUD

or 4 payments of $55.00 AUD with Afterpay

New 600W Digital Ballast With Special Digital Globe Combo – This ensures perfect compatibility out the box!

As with the Quantum and Nanolux “240v” type Digital Ballasts the Light Frequency is 30KHZ and Using a THIRD LESS POWER USE with 20% MORE YIELD Proven over the last 8+  yrs -Compared to for the old “Mag Coil” Equipment that is fast becoming A distant and heavy memory!

  • Solid State NO FANS Totally Silent
  • Multi Wattage Dimmable So it Can Run 250W , 400W , 600W Globes Perfectly at correct voltage and wattage
  • Zero Rf interference
  • External Safety Fuse (+ spare)
  • SUPER LUMEN Gives Extra 10% Output
  • Latest Soft Start Technology

Comes With Special Digital Lamp

  • Globe Optimised for High Frequency Digital Ballasts
  • Solid Contruction Featuring Ceramic Fly Wire for added Power And Reliability