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Hi-Par 600w/400v DIGITAL BALLAST + HPS 600W / Phillips Greenpower HPS 600W/400V Globe Combo


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The Hi Par 600w 400v ballast has been designed in Germany to enable 400v DE Technology to be accessible to Medical & Hobby horticulturalists. This ballast can be used with 400v & 240v lamps, however we recommend to use 400v lamps because of the increased efficiency and PAR spectrum output. Photosynthesis Active Radiation (PAR) refers to a specific part of the light spectrum that a plant actually uses photosynthesize light energy into growth energy.

Now Comes With The World Leading Phillips Greenpower 600W/ 400V EL 



  • Strikes The New 400V EL and 240v Lamps  (Cultiv8 etc)
  • Intelligent Dimming Control 60%-100+%
  • Intelligent Random Start
  • Timed Re-strike hot lamp system
  • Superior RF Shielding
  • 3yr Warranty

Size L x W x H (mm): 314 a 106 x 82.5

Weight (kg): 2.7

Case: Graduated Fin Aluminum

Dimming Range: 60%, 75%, 100% & BOOST

Mains Supply Voltage: 240v 50Hz

Maximum Current (A): 3

Input Power (w): 700

Output Power (w): 600

Power Factor: 0.99