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130w CFL – 500mm Shade/Globe Combo


$100.00 AUD

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After the Success Of the (now Discontinued) Phillips 80 CFL /Shade Combo we searched for a better combo with more options than before , we find this setup suits so many different circumstances , for instance Cloning and Safely Rearing Young Plants or For Extra safe low wattage “Fill in” Light Sources!


\This Kit Is Ready To Plug in And Illuminate,

Shade Pebble Aluminium 500mm With Round Pin Adaptor (to enable direct plug into mains/timer)

Globe Powerplant CFL 130w with choice of Spectrum – (Digital Ballast is in globe)

  • 14000K More Blue Spectrum Best for creating tighter nodes on young plants
  • 6400k More mixed spectrum more White  like the phillips 80w , good all round for “parent” plants and more!
  • 2700k More orange – Flowering use only as extra under/side or drop in lights to diffuse through the forest canopy!