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The New 400V Tech is A Massive Evolution on current Digital Ballasts ,

After Many years  of Seeing Our Customers Achieving Record (gms/watt/day) Yields After Evolving  to Digital Technology We are Now Really Excited Again As The 400v Systems  Are  Already Proven To Be yet another Level In  Light Technology With More Yield Again and Way increased Spectrum getting Ever Closer to Range Of The Sun , (more details below)

These Lights run at a Massive 120,000 HZ (Flashes per second) , current spec digi’s  (Cultiv8 , Quantum , Nanolux) run at 29,000Hz so thats 4 x More Light Per Second for the Same Amps Used + Light Spectrum So close to Sunlight That Plants grow 20-30% faster! –  More Penetration than anything Ever Before means incredible yields!

The largest 600mm Cool Tube Complete Shade Kit

The First Kit Online With The  Newest Tech – The Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600W /400VBallast

Comes Complete With  The Worlds Highest Output Globe – The Phillips Greenpower 400v -600w EL – The Highest Micromole/Sec Output EVER measured from a 600w light source!

This ballast can also run the current 240v Digital lamps as well (Like The Powerplant MH Retro 600 Blue/white for Grow)

Massive improvement on current Digital ballast in terms of PAR Output 1150 micromole /second

Dimmable-400W -400W SL – 600W -600W boost

>Plant And Yield Benefits of 400V Lighting

In summary 400V lighting produces more light (PAR) within the 400-700nm spectrum range which plants can actually uptake resulting in a guaranteed increase in Yields.

Where the RED Spectrum like traditional HPS lamps is optimal for Bulk Photon Intensity and Heavy Flower Development , The Blue Spectrum also has many benefits for plant growth and resin production.

400V lighting gives you much more intense Blue Spectrum similar to MH Lamps while still producing the bulk photons in RED’s similar to a HPS Lamp , This Enhanced Blue And Even Purple Spectrum provides many Structural And Quality Benefits  🙂

  • 10% Increase in PAR (Actual Photons available for Fusion/Growth)  and Micromoles ( Photons/sec  )Meaning Increased Light 
  • Greatly Increased Spectrum Distribution closer to Full Spectrum Sunlight 
  • Enhanced Blues provide Shorter Internodes for more compact plants And Larger Connected Flower Formations That Ooze With Essential Oil production thats off the Charts!
  • More Clorophyll production , larger leaves with More Petals ( Organic Solar Panels )and Way faster Growth Rates!
  • Proven 400V Commercial Lighting Technology – Currently Amping Around The World in Commercial operations:)