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PS-1 Lighting Kit

$80.00 AUD

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The PS-1 Light Kit  2 x 24w Mini T5 Tubes *

MINI T5 high Output —- 57cm long x 3cm wide x 2 

The ‘PS’ series is a very efficient MINI T5 fluoro lighting system that enables you to create and customise your lighting solution.

  • Each fitting holds one 24 watt high output fluoro with its own highly efficient reflector.
  • By clipping more fittings onto the specially designed spines, you can run more (or less) lamps as required.
  • The first lamp connects directly into a 240 volt power source. Then, to add a an extra lamp, it’s just a matter of plugging the next lamp into the back of the existing lamp with a link cable. Up to 4 lamps can be run in each circuit. The lamps can be fitted side by side, or spaced to suit the needs of the environment.

The PS-1 Light Kit contains two lamps and fittings. They can either be run together, or separately.

*2 x kits can be combined as in picture for 4 x 24w of T5 brilliance!