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For those at the Cutting hedge of growing here comes the latest Molecular Tuning Techniques ,

Kit is a Single T8 240v ready to plug in Pro Reflector WITH a 10% UVB Tube 2ft or 4ft

These are Sealed metal bodied Fluoro holders moisture resistant as they are Custom Built for Mushroom growing and Large Aquariums they have a Proper Metal reflector which is Essential for UVB (as the photons are absorbed by white or plastic coatings)


The Sun has it but NO HID lights can produce ANY  UVB  In the Spectrum required for Terpenes and maximising “essential Oil” Production

Run for 2hrs a day at the last 2 weeks of flowering , this is a specialised kit with Pro Reflector built for UVB ,

Please be Careful and as always in All Ways do your research , UVB is bad for eyes and skin , try to use a timer to only come on when you Are Not in the room .