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Controls various leaf eating caterpillars, including tomato grub and cabbage white butterfly, on a range of vegetables and ornamentals. Also controls mites on ornamentals, aphids on tomatoes, dimpling bug and thrips on apples.


  • Low toxic, water based synthetic pyrethroid.
  • Broad spectrum insecticide that controls a wide range of insects.
  • controls mites.
  • Low hazzard to bees.
  • Easy-to-use measure bottle.

How It Works

Mavrik is a water based, broad-spectrum synthetic pyrethroid. It acts as a nerve poison affecting both the central and peripheral nervous systems of insects.

Ingredients: Tau-fluvalinate

Directions for use

Shake bottle well, remove measuring cylinder from side. Measure out 6.5ml to 13ml per litre of water (depending on pest) and spray thoroughly. Repeat applications at 7 to 14 day intervals depending on pest infestation.


Poor results could be due to rain following immediately after application. Incorrect application rate.


Toxic to fish, do not contaminate waterways. Always read safety and first aid directions on label.