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Mite Ed rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance Aerosol 525ml ORGANIC

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Firstly Identify target pest or pests for treatment (leaf and stem suckers VS media root feeders /airborne)

Spider mite, Thrips, Aphids , mealy bugs, whitefly, Fungus Gnats etc.


Test Aerosol compatibility on a single area of the plant to ensure concentration is adequate and there is no plant damage. Some sensitive varieties will show slight leaf burn. This reaction to the oils is isolated and will not slow down growth or effect plant production. The concentrate should be used to apply a lower or higher range of dilution rates to suit specific growth stages and plant types. 99% of all varieties tested show no leaf burn from the aerosol strength and you want to apply ZT as strong as possible for best efficacy.

Most young Chili Plants are very sensitive and like a milder solution of 20ml/L which is achieved by diluting concentrate. The RTU Aerosols contain 40ml/L and have been designed for maximum efficacy on established plants. Younger plants should also be only lightly sprayed and tested. Use the concentrate to make different dilution rates for different plants and growth stages if required.

1) Remove any badly affected leaves or cover crop immediately from the environment. Thrips, Spider mites and Aphids tend to hop and jump a lot so place these into a sealed bag during removal.

2) Spray the underside and top of leaves for thrips and mites and try to make contact with the bugs. ALWAYS LIGHTS OFF, NOT IN SUNLIGHT Spray all main stems and the top of the growing media also. Thrips and other bugs can bore into the top of the roots and base of the stem.

3) REPEAT application 3 days later to disrupt breeding cycles



Fungus Gnats – Spray the ZT Aerosol directly onto the top of the coco fibre and around the room to kill adult flies and deter them from relaying any eggs in the coco fibre.

REPEAT a light spray application to the media every day for 5-7 days after plant watering. NO DRENCHING REQUIRED