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When you need a timer that can activate any device on a repeating / recycling schedule (turning On and Off repeatedly) Like our Co2 burners or Specialised Feed systems  the D1-TIM provides features and functions not found in other timers.

100% Digital Accuracy: The digital clock inside the unit allows the user to select settings from 1 second all the way up to 168 hours.

Simply select the amount of time you want the D1-TIM to turn your device On and Off in hours – minutes – seconds. A lithium battery backup prevents the unit from losing time due to power outages.

Day & Night Timers: Separate Day and Night timer settings are provided that allow the user to have a different cycle repeating during the day and the night.

Built-in Photocell: The photocell that is built into the front of the unit will sense the lighting level and automatically select the correct timer settings to operate. When it senses the area is lighted, it will use the Day timer settings, when it senses the area is dark it will use the Night timer settings.

Selectable Timer Modes: The use can select to have the timer function during the Day, night or all the time (24-hour mode). The photocell will determine if it is “day” or “night” and activate the timer according to the user’s settings.

Selectable Power Failure Modes: The user can choose how the timer will react if the power is interrupted to the timer. Allows the user to customize the timer even more precisely for their application.