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SUPERPRO MFRT-1 CLEARANCE SPECIAL under cost must go now Price!


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The Superpro MFRT-1 offers (2) individual recycling timers that each have an On and Off setting for a total of (4) timers. The unit has 4 receptacles. Each receptacle is associated with one of the (4) timer settings on the unit. Each of the recycling timers (Timer #1 & #2) can be specified to operate during the Day, Night or 24-hours a day. When operating, one of the (2) available outputs (receptacles) will be powered as the timer counts down. This provides a “flip-flop” function so that when one of the two receptacles is On, the other is turned Off. (Both N/O and N/C outputs are never turned on at the same time)

Notice how Timer #1 has a N/O (normally open) and N/C (normally closed) output. The N/O output will be turned ON when the On timer is counting down, the N/C output will be turned ON when the Off timer is counting down.

Superpro MFRT-1 FAQ

Can the recycling timer be activated 24 hours a day?

Yes, there are three (3) modes to select from. “24 Hours” which allows the timer to run 24 hrs a day. “Day” which allows the recycling device to run only during day time, and “Night” which allows the recycling device to run only during night time

Does the recycle timer continue to work without power?

The user can choose to allow the recycle timer to continue to count down, or to pause during a power failure.

What if the timer is not keeping correct time?

The battery may need to be replaced. The lithium battery has an average life of 5 years. Battery required is a lithium CR1220 3 volt.

What if there is no power? Reset the power switch (circuit breaker). If this continues reduce the number of devices connected.

How do I know what function or setting is activated? Some settings are identified by a green LED light will flash next to the function(s) that is currently activated.