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Can Fan Q-Max EC Silenced Fan – 200MM (8″ Inch) 1203 CMH (Copy)


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The Latest “EC” Tech From Holland – The Worlds Most Powerful Ventilation Now with Digital Computer Control ,

This range Is Much more Powerful than the Standard ISO or Qmax fans and are Just in From Holland ,

Our Customers Who Love The Finest Equipment Have been Running this gear and are amazed at the Next Level of Room Control this System Offers


Q-Max EC Fans manufactured by Can-Fan are high quality inline mixed flow extractor fans suitable for indoor grow rooms. The latest generation Q-Max EC Fans incorporate a patented 3D rotor-stator system combined with a sound insulated metal casing. Q-Max EC Fans are very quiet in operation, powerful even with long lengths of ducting and aerodynamically efficient. All Q-Max EC Fans can be thermostatically controlled with the Can-Fan EC Controller, smoothly increases and decrease fan speed in 1% increments without any electrical humming or buzzing.

The silent operation of the Q-Max EC fan is achieved with the use of a high quality metal casing, acoustic foam liner proving maximum sound absorption, uniform turbulence free air flow and smooth EC speed control. Q-Max EC Fan are supplied with jack cables and splitters, up to 10 Q-Max EC motor fans can be connected and controlled at once using the Can Fan EC Controller.



  • Silent and very powerful
  • Highly efficient
  • Robust metal casing
  • Sound absorbing acoustic lining
  • Integrated mounting brackets
  • Control up to 10 Fans with one controller
  • Smooth buzz and hum free speed control