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Can Fan Satellite – 2020 New Revolutionary 4Amp FanController

$450.00 AUD

or 4 payments of $112.50 AUD with Afterpay

If you have ever bought a MAX FAN from us your going to LOVE THIS!

We have the first to land in Australia , This is the Missing Link to Can Fan Control as this Unit enables not only a transformer based “No Buzz” speed control but also allows the Can LCD computer to be connected to older fans say the 250mm max Iso , call us anytime for more info

With the first ever fan speed controller 100% compatible with Iso-Max 1 speed, you can control your one speed fan, and other fans, without any humming or vibration. The Satellite uses a 4A 6 step transformer that will control one or two Iso-Max 1 speed, as exhaust air fans, or one for exhaust air and the other for intake air. The Satellite 4A is also equipped with a jack connection that makes it possible to connect our popular Can Fan LCD EC fan controller, making its 13 control functions also available for Iso-Max.