Plants in Space: Resources

Tara | February 24, 2023
The international space station

As humans explore further into space, we'll need to bring plants along for the journey. There are already plants in space at the International Space Station; fresh flowers and gardens to remind astronauts of home. The further humans venture into space, the more important plants will become because fresh produce will be essential to keeping astronauts healthy.

Currently on the space station, astronauts receive regular shipments of freeze-dried and prepackaged meals and resupply missions keep them freshly stocked. But when humans venture further into space, traveling for months or years without access to resupply shipments, the prepackaged meals will break down. Fresh fruit and vegetables could be the answer to enabling humans to travel further into space than ever before.

The challenge is how to grow plants in an environment without sunlight or gravity. Which is where hydroponic cultivation methods come into play.

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