TurboKlone Assembly

Tara | December 10, 2021
144 Turbo Kone size matters glandore hydro

The TurboKlone T24 with Humidity Dome cloner system gives you 24 clone sites & more oxygen to the rooting zone while creating less heat and less mess. The TurboKlone gives you a stronger, longer-lasting product thanks to its smart design and use of innovative hydroponic aeroponic cloner technology.

TurboKlone Aeroponic Cloners are planting cloning machines that make the process of cloning your plants easier. They’re plastic square or circular boxes that hold a pump, nutrient mixture, and aeroponic spray nozzles. The TurboKlone has circular holes that are filled with soft or hard neoprene inserts. Once you cut off your plants to place them into the plant cloning sites, you will then turn on the water pump. This will allow the nutrients to mix through the sprayers, engrossing your plants in a very high oxygenated water mist.

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