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Amino Complex by B.A.C. is a solution for stimulating the biological processes of plants.
It can be either diluted with water for foliar application or directly applied in the nutrient solutiom.

Thanks to the high concentration of free amino acids, fulvic acids and plant extracts, it is perfect for healing transplanted plants or plants that simply need a boost of energy after being exposed to stressful situations or to extremely cold, rainy or dry climates.

Amino Complex can be used in all types of cultivations, no matter which phase your plants are in. They’ll all grow strong, produce more flowers and offer better quality crops.

Spraying the leaves of your plants at sunset is just the best way to use it, when the light is less intense. Simply dilute 2-3 ml of Amino Complex with 1 L of water and spray your plants with it. It can also be applied directly in the Nutrient solution at an amazing 01mls/ltr

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