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Harvest & Extraction

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ARS 300L Thinning Scissors


Avert Odour Absorbing Travel Bag


Boveda Humidipak 62% | Humidity Control



Breaking Bud Extraction Fluid 5L


Bubble Bags Ice Water Extraction


Centurion Pro Mini Quantanium Wet Tumbler | For Mini Pro


Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer | Wet & Dry Trimming Machine


Centurion Pro Original Trimmer | Wet & Dry Trimming Machine


Centurion Pro Table Top Trimmer | Wet & Dry Trimming…


Chef's Aid Vac Fresh Vacuum Sealer


Chikamasa Scissors B-500SLF


Chikamasa Scissors CRI-360SFBK


Cryo Bag 32cm x 45cm


Disposable Coverall


Drying Tent Kit


Electric 60cm Bowl Trimmer


Harvest & Extraction

Considered harvest and curing is crucial to the quality of hydroponic produce. We stock a wide range of products for trimming, curing and odourless storage.

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