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Ryzo Hydro Additive Front



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Spray Foliar

Foliars are used to provide nutrition to plants by applying additives directly to the leaves. Plant leaves readily and swiftly absorb nutrients, allowing sick plants to heal quickly or healthy plants to thrive. Unlike regular nutrients and additives that are absorbed by the roots, foliars are absorbed through the stomata on the leaves. Foliars can only be used during veg and the first few weeks of flower and should not be sprayed on buds or fruits. Foliars should also be used while the lights are off to prevent burning of the leaves, and while the stomata are open. Wetting agents such as Flairform Top Wetting Agent, increase the effectiveness of foliar sprays such as foliar additives, fungicides and pesticides. Check out An Introduction to Foliar Feeding to learn more.

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