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Grow wool, otherwise known as rockwool or stone wool is a growing medium used commonly in hydroponics. The wool is derived from basalt, a natural volcanic rock. Rockwool is spun from molten rock into fine fibers and then compressed into shapes like cubes, blocks, or slabs. Grow wool has the optimum air/water ratio for healthy root growth, promoting vigorous root growth thanks to the extremely even distribution of water and EC. Rockwool is able to absorb large amounts of the nutrient solution while having a structure that gives plenty of oxygen for faster plant growth. Cuttings that are started in rockwool can be easily transplanted into other growing mediums like soil or coco. Loose wool can be mixed with clay pellets to make water and nutrient distribution more uniform. It can also be used at the base of a pot as a filter to prevent growing media entering the circulation system. Available in cubes, slabs, or loose flock, it is often used for propagating and breeding.

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