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Worm Castings 5.2L

Worm Castings 5.2L


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Grow Media & Pots
Rocket Pot Hydroponic Grow Pot
In hydroponics, selecting a suitable substrate is serious business. A growing medium is where your plants develop their root system. Many growers use pots with soil, but coco coir, perlite, clay balls and rockwool are also popular. At Glandore Hydro, we understand that different growers have different methods and we aim to accommodate each and every one by stocking a large range of high quality grow media. Some our our most popular grow mediums include coco, clay, wool and soil. We reccomend high quality grow media such as Colossal Premium Coco and Grodan Rockwool Cubes. Glandore also stocks a wide range of high quality pots and saucers including fabric pots, rocket pots, netted pots, pot socks and pot grids.
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