Eazy Plug Pyramid Large | 25 x 25 x 15CM



Eazy Pyramid is the next step in the growing system. Once the seedling or plant in the Eazy Block has grown to optimal size, it can simply be placed on top of the prepared Eazy Pyramid to continue growing. The roots will grow downward and branch outwards, air pruning when as they reach the outside of the Eazy Pyramid. This concentrates the plants’ growing energy into growing a dense healthy root system. The size and design of the Pyramid make it the equivalent to growing in a standard 300mm (13.5L) pot filled with growing media – but without the pot! The Eazy Pyramid maintains the perfect air-to-water ratio, without the risk of over-watering.

  • Compatibility 
    • All known growing media, like Rock Wool, coir pith, black and white peat, garden soil, potting soil, soil-less mixes, bark fines and wood mulch, sand and grit, wood fibres, perlite, pumice, clay, and vermiculite.
  • Employability
    • Hydroponic systems like eb&flow, drip-feed (recovery and non-recovery), Nutrient film technique, wick systems, floating platforms, deep water culture, aquaponic systems, dry hydroponics soil (indoor and outdoor).
  • Re-moistening time when completely dehydrated 
    • pouring from above < 2 minutes
    • immerge < 2 minutes
    • drip-feed – depends on the ratio
    • watering from below < 60 minutes
  • Composting
    • 100% in normal composting conditions, no industrial composting necessary.
    • Declared: bonding of components has no discernible effect on composability.
  • Safety 
    • Declared: material meets safety requirements of REACH.
  • Toxicity
    • Declared: non-toxic.
  • Cultivation details
    • For the air pruning effect, usage of the pyramid without sleeves is strongly advised. In such cases, photosynthetic algae like green algae can occur. This does not affect plant life and is only an optical issue. Green algae can be easily treated with fungicides and/or a light copper solution.



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