Growool Premium Loose Flock Grow Wool

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Growool 13.6kg

‘Premium Flock’ is a 13.6kg already expanded bale of rockwool that will make up about 75 litres of medium.

Growool is water absorbent rock wool made in Australia and issued as a soil-less growing medium. Growool consists of a mat of long, fine fibres, spun from natural molten rock. This mat is cut and shaped by Growool Horticultural Systems into the individual Grow wool products. When using the Growool system there is potential for greater control over plant growth and yield.

Loose wool can be mixed with clay pellets to make water and nutrient distribution more uniform. Alternatively, it can be used at the base of a pot, which acts as a filter to prevent growing media entering their circulation system. For best results pH condition the Loose Wool.



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