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Lux Meter Digital

$80.00 AUD

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This Digital Lux Meter is a pocket-sized, portable, Very Accurate light-sensitive instrument.

  • 3 ranges are available -2000 – 20,000, 100,000 Lux
  • LCD Display 18mm
  • Sampling Time 0.4 second
  • Operating Temperature 0-50 degrees C
  • Operating Humidity Less Than 80% Relative Humidity
  • 9v battery – consumption approx 2mA

The output of HID bulbs diminishes gradually over time with use, but the human eye has difficulty discerning  this reduced output.

Therefore, it is important that users have a way to measure the ongoing LUX  from their lamp, in order to know when its output has declined to the point where replacement is recommended.

We Recommend Regular Globe Changes As Manufacturers always give “actual” globe ratings but few give “Intensity” / Time

We would Change say a Hps 600w globe running 18/12 Then 12/12 after 2 Crop Rotations