Arceye Mk2 Samsung 400w 301H Tent kit



*Bulky item, excluded from free shipping.

As we have always with our tent packs they are Tested in the Field and really Popular before they go Online
These High Performance LED kits are perfect for growers looking for the highest quality proven components at the best Prices In Oz!

The Arceye Mk2 301h -400w ( at the socket) is easily equivalent /better than the Finest 600W /400v Lighting Digital HID System  that would be drawing up to 660w at the socket but with  Higher Yields and way better Quality results , Incredible Terpene levels  and Rich Juiciness of the Fruits.

The LED’s used in this kit are Designed In Canada and made by ArcEye , Now the Mk2 Arceye is Here and after Extensive testing of Sosen Drivers with the Same Top Bin Samsung 301H Diodes so we can get up to 30-40% Price reduction with no change to quality or most Importantly Light Output and our Yields!

This kit includes a Famous Dutch -Can Fan Rs 150mm Extraction Fan with a Can Filter GT 600 , a Simple but rock solid German/Dutch System that we have used for over 15 yrs , still the finest Available and Quiet in operation which is a big factor for many!

As with All our Tent kits you can call us or email and change modify anything to suit any growing situation ,

We also have a range of Kits with the Qmax Automated Ventilation Systems Available , if needing Fan Automation on this Kit It is possible to get the Can Satellite with computer later,,,

This Kit Includes

  • Jungle Room 1.2 x 1.2 x 2mtr Tent
  • Arceye Mk 2 Samsung 301H – 400w Dimmable with rj14 Ethernet port (for Light Computers / Telos etc)
  • Can Fan RS 150mm Extraction Fan
  • Can Filter Gt 600 CMH
  • Rope Ratchet 2 pack (for hanging Fan/Filter
  • 150mm Acoustic Duct 3mtr
  • 2 x Time-R Digital Timers
  • Themometer Hygrometer with external probe
  • Rocket Pot 50ltr – Legendary Air Pruning System
  • Pot Saucer 600mm to suit the rocket pot -Pre drilled for the drain grommet and take off
  • Foam Riser 380mm x 120mm high -Fridge Foam R7 Riser (for the Pot and Saucer)
  • Canna Coco Professional Plus – x 1.5 Bricks makes- 60ltrs for the rocket pot
  • 10mtr roll of 19mm Aussie made Food Grade Poly Hose (for feed Line and drain)
  • 1mtr of 13mm Aussie made Food Grade Poly Hose – (from feed loop to feed ring)
  • Feed Ring 6mm outlets  to suit Rocket Pot
  • 13mm -Antelco food grade tap for Feed Ring
  • Nutrient Tub 80Ltr Stashaway- Genuine food grade Poly
  • Pump SunSun 1100 Lph – perfect for the 50 ltr pot
  • 100w Thermosafe water heater
  • Aqua One sp150 Single outlet Air Pump
  • Air Stone Round Ball (for air pump) with 2mtr Air Hose
  • 19mm Grommet (for pot saucer)
  • 19mm Elbow (For the grommet in pot saucer)
  • 19-13 Reducing Joiner (for the 13mm feed line)
  • PH Pen – Pre Calibrated
  • EC Pen Pre Calibrated
  • PH Down 250ml
  • Ph Up 250ml

As with All Of Our Tent Packs We add the Awesome Glandore Nutrient Starter Pack  – We are Sponsored by No One , the pack has what we use and love for the best results



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