BAC Roots

A concentrated mineral rooting additive in a highly soluble form.


Roots is a new product from BAC, available exclusively in Australia. It’s a concentrated mineral additive with specific nutrients in a highly soluble form. When this product is used as a root treatment at the right time, it promotes plant growth development, production of new roots, quality and yield. Used just once a week during the vegetative stage, this formidable root stimulator will amaze you with it’s results.

Do not begin use until 7-10 days after roots develop. Use once a week during the vegetative/grow stage. Max 3 uses.


NPK 5-0-15

5% of the total nitrogen (N) as ammoniacal nitrogen

15% potassium oxide (K2O)


See BAC’s Mineral Feed Chart

See Glandore’s Fast Growth Extreme High Yield Schedule




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