LFG CO2 Diffusion Hose Kit



The LFG CO2 Diffusion Hose Kit is the ideal carbon dioxide distribution system for your indoor grow room. This system, boasting a 7.6-metre hose, is designed to encircle your entire tent or room, enveloping your plants in an optimal dosage of CO2. By enhancing CO2 levels, this hose kit aids in boosting yields and assists you in attaining the finest possible harvest.

How The LFG CO2 Diffusion Hose Kit Works

The LFG CO2 Diffusion Hose Kit is among the most straightforward, efficient methods to augment CO2 levels in your grow room. The installation process is simple and user-friendly – all you need to do is fasten the eye screws into the ceiling, thread the black laser-drilled tubing through the eye screws, and then connect the plastic tubing from your CO2 Regulator. Consequently, you’ll create a CO2 diffusion that cascades down on your plants, providing them with the necessary nourishment they need for robust growth.

This system is designed for uniform distribution of CO2, ensuring every plant in your indoor grow room receives an appropriate amount of this essential gas. Regardless of whether you’re a hobby gardener or a commercial grower, this system seamlessly integrates with various indoor gardening setups, offering an upgrade to your existing CO2 management.

What’s Included In The LFG CO2 Diffusion Hose Kit?

  • 7.6 metres of laser-drilled tubing: This tubing is crafted with precision, allowing for consistent and accurate CO2 distribution throughout your grow room.
  • 5 mm plastic (T) fitting: This fitting facilitates an easy connection with the main line and provides possibilities for further customization of your CO2 delivery.
  • 6 eye screws: These screws offer sturdy anchoring points for your tubing, simplifying the installation process and ensuring the security of the setup.
  • Instructions for use: Comprehensive, easy-to-understand instructions to ensure a smooth setup and efficient operation of the system.

The LFG CO2 Diffusion Hose Kit stands as a testament to effective plant care, offering an efficient solution for CO2 management in your indoor grow room. It takes the guesswork out of this critical aspect, delivering the exact amount of CO2 required for thriving plant growth. With this kit, you can anticipate an enhanced gardening experience and improved harvest yields.



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