Mills Basis A+B


Crafted from premium components for maximum nutrient absorption, Mills Basis A&B provides the required macro and micronutrients for both vegetative and bloom stages, precisely formulated for optimal plant nutrition.

Mills Nutrient Basis A & B is scientifically formulated to allow for easy use by growers at any experience level.

Through rigorous testing for use in soil, coco, and hydro, Mills Nutrient Basis A&B provides a consistent, balanced diet for plants, saving growers time and effort.


Mills Nutrients is exclusively formulated, manufactured and bottled in Holland, in keeping with Dutch tradition of user-friendly two-part bases and additives that give plants all the essentials and nothing superfluous. Since pioneering the bio-mineral plant nutrient concept with a mix of organic and synthetic sources for improved growth rates, yield, flavor and aroma, Mills has been tested extensively by major greenhouse and hobbyist growers. This diligence has resulted in a comprehensive range of products – Basis A, Basis B, Start-R, C4 and Ultimate PK – of superior quality, offering all the necessary nourishment, and suitable for all growing media. Moreover, the bio-mineral formula of Mills Nutrients prevents buildup in the soil, enabling cultivators to push plants to their peak potential.



Mills bio mineral fertilizers are comprised of organic (composted animal and plant remains, of course), and secondly from inorganic (chemical) substances resulting in truly innovative products that can be used with any growing style.


In recent years, growers of various plants only looked at yield in terms of weight, and less and less towards the quality of the product. There is also a lack of attention to the symbiosis (form of coexistence between two organisms for mutual benefit) between the soil and the plant. When using only mineral (chemical) fertilisers accumulation of salts in the soil results in decreased microorganism activity eventually leading to the soil dying.By making use of Mills bio mineral nutrient line a growing can keep their grow medium activated.Through this activation emerges a symbiotic relationship between the soil and plant, which ensures the plant exudates (sugars, amino acids, organic acids and carbohydrates) back into the grow medium.This in turn benefits the grow medium and allows for the absorption of both synthetic and organic elements within the Mills line.



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