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Philips Greenpower 600W/400V HPS Globe

High quality 600w HPS globe designed for the flowering stage



This Philips GreenPower 600W 400V lamp has been specially adapted to the needs of horticulture and has a higher lighting power which supplies more growth light. The lamp produces light only in the orange/red part of the spectrum for heavy flowering. It has been specifically designed to make the most of your HPS Pro (400 Volt / 600 Watt) system where it will produce more plant-useable light photons, of a better spectrum, than any other 600 Watt lamp available.

*NOTE: We recommend using this globe ONLY with 400V ballasts. Will not fire correctly on non 400V ballasts.


  • Colour Code = 220 [ CCT of 2000K]
  • Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) = 1120 μmol/s
  • PPF Maintenance 4000 h = 100 %
  • PPF Maintenance 8000 h = 96 %
  • PPF Maintenance 12000 h = 92 %
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (Nom) = 2000 K
  • Luminous Efficacy (rated) (Nom) = 144 lm/W



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