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Pro Grow 1000w DE HPS Kit + 1000w/2K Lamp



The new Pro Grow 1000 W DE HPS Commercial light kit is supplied by the same manufacturer of the ultra-reliable Digi-Lumen ballast. The kit features our high-quality Pro Grow 1000w DE 2K HPS lamp with a high output of 2050 µmol.

The Pro Grow 1000 W DE Commercial kit is designed for high ceiling and commercial applications and should be used in large grow spaces with a minimum ceiling height of 2.7 m.

The Pro Grow 1000 W DE Commercial kit produces 900-1100 PPF at 1.5 m above the plant canopy. These fixtures should be mounted at full height from start to finish and do not need to be lowered. Expect huge yields and exceptionally large floral clusters when running these high output fixtures in the correct configuration.



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