Adjustable ULV Fogger



This super low-capacity fogger is universally used to disinfect, sterilize, and  distribute insecticides. It has a long range sterilistion effect which reduced the amount of product required to cover a space. It is safer for the oprater, because you don;t need to be in the room while it is active. In addition, It only requires a small amount of product. The fog droplets are small in diameter yet large in quantity. Droplets are well distributed and remain airborne for a long period to clean and disinfect areas more effectively.

  • Atomizes liquids to a droplet diameter size of 10 to 25 microns
  • Adjustable brass flow control valve for wet or dry fog (150 – 260 mL/min)
  • Variable speed control for both gentle and long-range applications (0 – 10 meters)
  • 120W – 5.5A – 240V


  • Rated Power: 1200W
  • The capacity of the kit:4.5L
  • Spraying range: 8-10M
  • Spraying rate: 150-260ML/Min
  • Wire Length: 5M
  • Variable speed control for both gentle and long range applications (0-10 meters)
  • Perfect for commercial size pesticide application



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