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Professor's Nutrients Terpene Gold



TERPENE GOLD – Increases trichomes and oils, enhances flavour, aroma & quality. The Professor’s Terpene Gold is a natural, 100% organic additive used during the flowering stage to maximise resin production and enhance the aroma, flavour and quality of the plant’s essential oils.


What’s all the buzz about Terpenes?

Terpenes are the superstars when it comes to creating those super sticky, sweet smelling plants.

Each plant bud is covered in tiny microscopic resin producing oil glands (trichomes). That crystal glaze covering your plants … that’s made up of trichomes. The more trichomes present, the higher the essential oil production. Terpene Gold stimulates the plant to produce more gland sites, while also enhancing the quality of the oil – resulting in pure, clean and potent oils.

Made from 100% Organic Ingredients, Terpene Gold is chemical free, providing medicinal benefits and aligning with a more holistic way of life, without compromising on quality or flavour.


  • Increases resin and stickiness in plants
  • Improves overall fruit and flower quality
  • Increases essential oil production
  • Stronger aromatic buds
  • Deeper taste and higher potency
  • Increased medical benefits
  • Made from 100% Organic ingredients
  • Compatible with all nutrients
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor crops



Hydroponics: Week 1-2 in Flower: Add 2ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of nutrient solution.

                             Week 3-7 in Flower: Add 4ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of nutrient solution

Soil: Add 2ml of Terpene Gold per 1L of nutrient solution




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