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PS1 Fluoro Lighting Kit | Purple

A fluoro lighting system designed for propagation



This PS1 purple lighting system is ideal for propagation of seeds and cuttings, as well as microgreens.


The PS1 light system is a T5 Fluoro system that allows you to add lights as needed. The basic kit is 2 lights. You can add an extra 1 or 2 light units to this to make a 3 or 4 unit. You can add more units up to 8 bars, but you will need the long (wide) spines.


The PS-1 light kit comes with 2 light fittings each fitting holds one high output fluoro with its own highly efficient reflector. The PS-1 Light kit is very simple and easy to set up it plugs straight into the wall - the spines clip perfectly onto the frame of propagation clone tents.


Available in a 8500K lamp (purple) for propagation and growth and a 6400K lamp (white) for general growth



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