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Sunmaster 1000W Super HPS Globe

High Output 100w HPS lamp optimised for the flowering stage



The Sunmaster 1000w Super HPS Bulb is a red/orange spectrum high-output HPS lamp that operates on electronic ballasts. The Sunmaster 1000w HPS bulb promotes robust flowering. The Sunmaster 1000w Super HPS Bulb produces 150,000 inital lumens.


SUPER lamps are the most efficient light source when increasing light intensity or extending the day period to maximize photosynthesis. For indoor growing operations requiring 100% artificial lighting, Sunmaster SUPER lamps drive robust flowering. Partner Sunmaster’s SUPER lamps with ‘COOL’ or ‘FULL NOVA’ lamps during the vegetative period of the plant growth cycle and ‘FINISH ‘ lamps at the end of the plant growth cycle in order to maximize yield.


SUPER HPS Benefits
  • High output – 10% to 20% more µmol/sec compared to other horticultural HPS lamps
  • Strong red/orange spectral output to support robust flowering
  • Emits 150,000 initial lumens
  • 24,000 rated hours of use
  • Fuller spectrum (HO version) – 49 CRI compared to 25 to 35 CRI produced by other horticultural HPS lamps
  • Long life
  • Ideal companion to ‘COOL’ and ‘FINISH’ lamp families
  • Promotes robust flowering
  • Operates on electronic ballast
  • Photometry – 10% to 20% more µmol between 400nm and 700nm
  • Growth chamber testing – 20% more flowers after first four weeks of flowering phase
  • Independently field tested – Recommended by commercial growers throughout North America and Europe
SUPER HPS Features
  • Unique arc tube, designed to maximize µmol per Watt
  • Proprietary Venture Lighting / Sunmaster mercury amalgams
  • E-ballast compatible
  • Full one-year warranty



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