Sylvania 1000W MH Globe



The High Intensity Discharge Metal Halide (MH) grow lamps from Sylvania have been selected for use in horticulture applications because of the light spectrum they emit. They are limited to the 4k (four thousand Kelvin) colour temperature range, which is generally considered to be a good all-round vegetation spectrum.

While you could use them for flowering growth, it is suggested that you burn a High Pressure Sodium or a Sunmaster Warm lamp along with it to increase the red, yellow and orange spectrum. It is important to note that of all the colours in the spectrum, plants need a larger percentage of the blue spectrum to be healthy. This is the colour that drives photosynthesis and translocates sugars. The red, orange and yellow colours of the electromagnetic light spectrum are hormonal tripping colours. Therefore, when the plants have these electromagnetic wavelengths pass through the leaves; bloom hormones are produced in the anticipation of the coming fall and winter seasons.



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