Trolmaster PPH-3 Inline Sensor



TrolMaster’s new PPH-3 pH probe has been improved in multiple ways. The new PPH-3 features a reduced diameter protective sleeve and threaded body that will allow the probe to be installed into standard 3/4″ PVC tee fittings. The PPH-3 has an improved sensor element for more stable and reliable performance.

Can be used with the AMP-2 (for aqua x only) or the AMP-3  (for Hydro X and Tent X ) nutrient sensor module.

*All pH probes must be stored by using the storage cap and the correct probe storage solution. If a pH probe gets completely dried out, they will no longer function correctly. Any pH probe returned without the cap and in a “dry” state” will not be eligible for a warranty.

Suitable for a wide range of applications: Hydroponics, Aquariums, Laboratory etc.

3.6 meter long cable for flexible placement

BNC terminal allows direct connection to AMP-2 and 3 Sensor Board

Drop-in/in-line compatible



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