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Cool Shade Kit 400W Mag Ballast

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The Cool Tube Complete Shade Kit, allows more cooled light than ever!

Get those Photons  Penetrating Like Never Before!
Now Selectable in Standard 400mm Glass ( 600mm total incl duct flanges) – OR 600mm Glass(800mm total incl duct flanges)
If in A smaller Area Or say 1-1.5mtr tent the Standard 400mm Glass Is Perfect!


  • All Cool Tubes Require Airflow with at least a 150mm “Airjet” Fan for a single tube , If running 1-6 then a 150mm CAN FAN CENT or Ultra Quiet Vortex Drive MAX FAN 150mm ,
  • We are Specialists in Large Scale Cool Tube Designs and Are happy To Assist with Advising on Multiple Tube setups as we are experienced at using High powered Can Max Fans with Custom Y splits to create Multiple Airstreams for Multiple Rows Of Cool Tubes!
  • We are very happy to announce that All of our Light kits (Non Digital) Now come with Supercharge HPS Ballasts That Are proudly warrantied and Approved in Australia!

A Quality Cool Shade Reflector.,

A HPS Supercharge 400w Magnetic Ballast (1yr warranty)  with Choice of Our Premium Globes

  • HPS 400W Phillips Son-T
  • HPS 400W Powerplant
  • HPS 400W GE Lucagrow
  • MH 400W RETRO Powerplant (Grow -Blue Spectrum)