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CULTIV8 Digital 600W Cool Shade Kit



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The Cool Tube Complete Shade Kit + The Awesome CULTIV8  Digital Dimmable Ballast AND DIGITAL 600 HPS GLOBE Allows more cooled light than ever! If you are new to these, they are simply the finest way to get more photons down lower than ever before! All cool shades Must Have Airflow. Say, If you are just Running One of these, you would  need an AIRJET 150mm Fan and some 150mm Heatproof Silver Ducting and to be really neat a couple of 150mm Hose Clamps! Say, If running 2-6 ‘Tubes” we would recommend either a CAN FAN 150mm Centrifugal Or The Ultra Quiet Vortex Drive MAX FAN 150mm. Larger Numbers are easy to advise on as mentioned below.

  • We specialise in advising on large scale cool shade systems and can quickly recommend which fan system once the number of tubes is established. We pioneered techniques like running MAX FANS with custom Y Splits to enable Multiple Rows Of “Tubes”

Available  Large- 600mm Glass (800mm Total Length Including Ducting Flanges)

And the Standard – 400mm Glass (600mm Total Length Including Ducting Flanges)

    • Solid State NO FANS Totally Silent
    • Multi Wattage Dimmable So it Can Run 250W , 400W , 600W Globes Perfectly at correct voltage and wattage
    • Zero Rf interference
    • External Safety Fuse (+ spare)
    • SUPER LUMEN Gives Extra 10% Output
    • Latest Soft Start Technology

    Comes With Special Digital Lamp

    • Globe Optimised for High Frequency Digital Ballasts
    • Solid Contruction Featuring Ceramic Fly Wire for added Power And Reliability