Benchtop Fresh Herb Kit – Deep Water Culture


A Handy Version of the Deep Water Culture Concept (DWC).

If you’re looking for a way to grow a Continuous  supply of The Finest home grown fresh herbs for your kitchen, this kit is for you!


The Bench Top Fresh Herb Kit is ideal for anyone who wants to grow their own herbs at home with little effort. The kit includes everything you need to get started, Food safe UV resistant reservoir, netted pots, clay balls, option for a light and even 1L of nutrient.


The beauty of this kit is its small size, allowing you to place it anywhere you want such as on your kitchen bench. The lid comes pre-drilled with 6 holes to fit the netted pots, allowing you to have a choice on what herbs to grow. The kit must be placed somewhere with a light source, or if you don’t have a good light source the kit has an option to include a 16w LED.


There is very little setup and maintenance with this kit. All you have to do to get started is fill the pots with the provided clay balls and place your chosen plants in there then fill the reservoir with water and nutrients.


The easiest way to get the plants you want is to buy a bunch of herbs from the shop (Ideally the ones that are sold with the root mass still attached), take some cuttings and stick them into the clay balls. Withing 5 days the roots will start growing and within 2 weeks you will see the plants start taking off. in less than a month the plants will have grown enough leaves for you to harvest some for your cooking. When you pick the leaves off, the plants will just grow some more! It’s as easy as that!


Dimensions of kit: L 45cm x W 34cm x H 13cm



Product Price Qty
Food safe, heavy duty, UV resistant nutrient reservoir - 13.5L 25 1
Netted Pots (Various Sizes) $.3 x 6 80mm
Clay Balls Enough clay will be provided to fill each pot.
Air Pump AP-950R $30 x 1
Growth Technology Ionic Grow Single Part Nutrient $15 x 1



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