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Please call or email us if you are interested in purchasing the Omega Garden. We do not hold stock of this product in store, but we can import it in from Canada for anyone who is interested. Our website pricing is a rough cost and could vary depending on the Canadian Dollar. Price excludes shipping costs.

The Omega Garden™ is a revolutionary, internationally patented rotary hydroponics system. It’s designed with efficiency, simplicity and maximum yield in mind so you can grow your own produce – healthy, bountiful and nutritious – 365 days of the year all from the convenience of an urban setting.

Say goodbye to pesticides and herbicides! Welcome to ‘Safe’ food, now easily accessible to anyone. From the hobby gardener to the professional grower, all will find an Omega Garden™ suitable for their growing needs.

The Omega Garden™ team is dedicated to designing hydroponic systems to meet the demands of the world today, and the future needs of the global population.


The Volksgarden® Supra™ brings simple, clean, and amazingly effective hydroponics gardening to the comforts of your own home. Grow what you want, when you want! The Volksgarden® unit allows you to grow up to 80 plants at once. Herbs, Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains.

We’ve set the Omega Garden up for the Australian Space Discovery Centre and it is doing an amazing job so far. Check out the image gallery for the pictures from the Discovery Centre, or head over there yourself and check it out in person!



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