Bio Diesel Green Diamond Base Nutrient


This is a complete base nutrient rich in ALL required macro and micronutrients required for vigorous growth and flowering.

Designed for high performance Hydroponic and Coco Fibre systems. It contains natural chelates and organic plant metabolites, combined with pure minerals of the highest quality.

Additional Trace elements, B Vitamins, Fulvic acid and Bio Stimulants are added to produce a powerful Bio Fused nutrient, complete with all micro and macro minerals needed for healthy plant production in hydroponic mediums.

GREEN DIAMOND is different to other 2 Part base nutrients on the market, Green Diamond contains a Bio Mineral suspension that includes organic metabolites, Fulvic and Humic acid as well as a mix of vitamins for faster growth.

At Bio Diesel Nutrients we know that our growers cultivate many different strains and speciality varieties that require slightly different nutrient levels at different times, especially Nitrogen and Calcium.

Many brands recommend the same rate through all growth stages. We don’t believe a plant should be fed the same amount of each element during different stages of growth and bloom so have designed our nutrient system for growers who want simplicity but also control and can “dial in” their nutrient solution tailored to the plants’ needs for maximum results.



Green Diamon is a complete base nutrient for the Veg and flower stages.

Dependent on stage add 2ml – 4ml per L of PART A to water stir then add 2 – 4ml per L PART B



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